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Most people don’t know where to start when looking at home builders who specialize in tiny home construction. But don’t worry, the options are limitless if you know where to look and what your looking for. It’s a new expanding industry in Australia so you won’t find exactly what your looking for first time. Like most things in life, research is key here and my aim is to give you a starting point to begin looking for your perfect tiny home builder. Its true that most builders can build anything within reason but what’s important to understand is that not all builders are going to produce what you need.


First steps are the key to finding a tiny home builder in Australia. Decide what kind of tiny home your looking for before researching a thousand different designs. Just like finding the right Architect you need to define your needs, than go looking for the right Tiny home Builder. By defining the minimum requirements of your tiny home, you can limit yourself from looking into areas which don’t reach your end goal.


The next factor to consider after schooling yourself on your minimum requirements for your tiny home is; location. Most Australians have some concept of the size of this country which will limit your selection options for a local builder. But even more important is the location in relation to the temperature and climate appropriate building types. The two factors climate and location can be mitigated by careful research and process of elimination. So running with this information your should be able to confirm a builder who meets your location requirements and a climate sensitive tiny home that meet your necessary building requirements.


Beyond this, finding a Tiny home builder who is within your Budget limits the final process of short listing potential Tiny home Builders. In this you need to consider the delivery or completion costs associated with each builder. You also need to consider price based on time constraints as most tiny homes can be completed quickly without cost over runs and revisions.


Finally Planning, which ironically is last section in the article but is your first step in reality. You need to check if Planning approval is required for any particular tiny home regarding limitations on size, shape, form and material. The costs might balloon or even worse kill your dream based on un-expected revisions and specific site requirements if planning approvals require minimum standards of construction type or aesthetics. The best choice if your unsure is to contact your Architect, Builder or Planning officer first. Contact me and I will help where I can.

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