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There is no doubt that you will need house plans under all circumstances regardless of size, shape and location. These days its probably not even possible to erect a tent without planning approval or plans to erect a temporary structure. I know from experience that planning approvals and builder permits are required for just about every possible scenario. Even in the most extreme cases for large music festival tents or food stalls. The only flexibility I’ve experienced on this is temporary RV coffee buses which are moved and relocated on a temporary basis.

The point I’m trying to make is don’t waste time hoping that you won’t require house plans. The truth is nothing gets approved for building in Australia without plans! This is similar in America and any westernised country really including Europe and Brazil. Even something as trivial as a new pool can require plans. So instead of hoping you won’t need plans, lets focus on some specifics when thinking about house plans. In particular, the process required to begin a set of house plans for building or possibly purchasing plans ready to build.

By defining some boundaries for house plans we can assume that you need some sort of inspiration. This is not a list of requirements or an idea of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. I’m referring to real inspiring ideas, photos, locations, art or even memories that you have and want to use as a foundation for future house plan development. More specifically details of ideas you can provide to an Architect for your project or use to define the boundaries before purchasing plans.

Customizing plans for your unique project is one of the unique joys in life and can bring about immense satisfaction when completed. I have experienced the joy a family or couple feel too many times to count and its not at all surprising to me that most people don’t understand the process required to begin house plans. They genuinely lack an idea of inspiration and instead usually have a list of requirements.

So lets talk about the creative process of developing house plans. First is the inspiration and probably is the most critical part of beginning house plans. I suggest Pintrest as a good source of Photographic inspiration. I suggest writing down feelings when seeking to clarify inspiring ideas. I suggest a few memorable locations of buildings or public spaces you’ve experienced that also gave you a similar feeling. Sometimes simple things like a children’s play park can bring about inspiring memories. The point is to look beyond the narrow band of bedrooms and bathrooms to create a truly amazing set of house plans.

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