Residential design

Creating a beautiful residential home takes ‘Time and Experience’. Being able to envisage a unique custom design that inspires dreams takes ‘Skill and Knowledge.’ Also delivering design through to construction requires abilities in ‘Budget and Time’ management. Surpassing environmental standards and energy efficiency requirements is something only ‘Dedication and Professionalism’ can achieve. A truly original design comes from Ocean Architects.


Commercial Design

Living and working in commercial environments can build stress levels and increase pressure on working professionals. Sometimes the best designed commercial spaces encourage personal interaction and relaxation.

We can design and deliver on professional working environments and breakout spaces. Spaces which inspire creativity or dedication to a project or product. Commercial projects are not about providing for a few people but providing spaces for all uses and at all times of the day or night.


extensions + renovations

Existing buildings have so many constraints in size and quality. The varying degrees of construction over the decades has made quality design renovations hard to service. They require surveying the existing building form and integrating any proposal seamlessly without exposing a discordant old vs new aspect. Selecting the correct materials and finishes is something an experienced professional can provide without hesitation and correct coordination.

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